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How to get to Filicudi Island,
in the Aeolian Archipelago (Sicily).

Fast Hydrofoil


Aeolian Islands Map

From Milazzo:

Siremar - all year long by hydrofoil or ship (tel. 090 9283242)
Snav - all year long by hydrofoil (tel. 090 9287821) (o questo? Agenzia SNAV tel. 0909284509)
N.G.I. ferry boat ! (Stromboli: 090 986003;Milazzo 090 9284091)

From Messina e Reggio Calabria :

Snav - from June to September by Hydrofoil (tel.090 364044)

From Naples :

Siremar - all year long by ship (tel. 081 5800340) ( you can get to Stromboli by ship from Napoli via Palermo)

Alilauro - from June to September by Hydrofoil (tel.081 5513352)

Snav - from May to September by Hydrofoil (tel.081-7612348)

From Palermo:

Snav - from June to September by Hydrofoil (tel. 091-320057 Tickets, tel. 091-586533 agenzia.

moving around the island

In Filicudi you'll get everywhere easily just walking!. The distance between Porto and Pecorini totals quite 5 Km (xxx miles). Our house is, as quite any building in the island, very near to the beach.

cars are forbidden

It is forbidden to take cars and motorcycles to the island in the summer!
During summer it is forbidden to land with any kind of automobiles, cars, motorcycles, by order of the major. check the actual recommendations here: Azienda Autonoma di Soggiorno e Turismo delle Isole Eolie.
In the island it is easy to rent mountain bikes, motor bikes and electric bikes.
You'll appreciate the calm and the pure air of Filicudi!

By Sea:

Eolian islands are located in the district of Messina. They can be reached from many places.
Milazzo is the nearer harbor in the Sicilian coast. From there ships and hydrofoils travel back and forth the aeolian islands many times every day. In winter, (1 Oct - 31 May), it is possible to travel by ship with departures from Naples ( Napoli) and Milazzo. By Hydrofoil from Milazzo, Messina and Reggio Calabria. In summer (1 June - 3 September) you can get to stromboli by ship from Milazzo or Naples, by hydrofoil from Milazzo, Messina, Reggio Calabria, Palermo, Capo D'orlando, Napoli.

By Air:

The nearest airport to Eolian Islands is the one in Reggio Calabria; from the airport there's a bus in coincidence with every flight arriving to Messina in coincidence with hydrofoils.
Alternatively you can take a taxi to the harbor in Reggio Calabria and keep going from there by hydrofoil. Another way is by bus up to Messina, then by another bus (in coincidence) up to Milazzo and then by hydrofoil.
Another airport, the one we suggest to use, is located in Catania ( phone: 800 605 656), the fourth major airport in Italy with many more flights. From April to October there's a bus line, daily, to the harbor of Milazzo via Messina. You can also rent a taxi ( with reservation discount rates) from the airport of Catania to the harbor of Milazzo.

Useful phone numbers and links:

Alitalia 848- 86561 / 2 / 3

AirOne 848 - 848880

AirSicilia 800 - 412411

TrenItalia 848 - 888088

Ustica Lines 0923 - 22200

Siremar Lines 199 - 123199


- BUS Reggio Calabria - Messina

- Bus from Messina to the harbor of Milazzo (and vice versa) : GiuntaBus tel . (+39) 090 673782 - (+39) 090 675749

- From the airport of FONTANA ROSSA in Catania, there are:

- a daily bus line ( in the afternoon) Catania - Milazzo by GiuntaBus tel . (+39) 090 673782 - (+39) 090 675749

Departure from Milazzo Harbor at 08.30 - departure from Catania airport at 16.00

from 1st april to 30 September.

- many bus rides every day from Catania airport\town\ to Messina S.A.I.S. tel. 090 771914

Ustica Lines :
Phone: (last updated in May 2005):
(+39) 0923.873813
Informations & reservations!
Note: Ustica Lines recently has merged with SNAV, so for many lines to Stromboli if you search for Snav boats, you are really searching for Ustica Lines ones. You're advised!



Agency SIREMAR of: Vulcano 090 9852 149 - Lipari 090 9811312 090 9812200 - Alicudi 090 9889795 - Filicudi 090 9889960 Panarea 090 983007 Rinella (Salina) 090 9809170 S. M. Salina 090 9843004 Stromboli 090 986016

Napoli 081 5800340 Milazzo 090 9283242


Agency of: Vulcano 090 9852 200 - Lipari 090 9812448 - Stromboli 090 986 003 - Panarea 090 983009 Salina 090 9843003 Alicudi 090 9889912 Filicudi 090 9889984

Agency di Messina 090 364044 Agency di Milazzo 090 92878 21 Agency di Napoli 081 7612348

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